About Tiffany J

Tiffany Jones was born in Springfield, MA, and relocated to Baltimore in 1996 and has been a resident with her family ever since. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012. Jones has exhibited her artwork in various galleries and museums in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, and Maryland. These include the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York, Artisphere in Virginia, Baltimore Museum of Art, James E Lewis Museum, and Sheila and Richard Riggs Galleries all in Baltimore. In 2012, Jones received a b-grant from the Baker’s Artist Awards for her photographic works which address topics of identity across multiple generations. Jones continues her photographic work while using her community as an inspiration.

Evelyn Everywoman: Ordinary Women

In Jan 2014 an artists’ installation at the Howard County Center for the Arts will explore the personae of “Ordinary Women”.

Evelyn Everywoman, a vintage manikin, isn’t famous or notorious. She is at first glance old and ordinary. However, clothed in garments fabricated from the materials and messages chosen by collaborating artists, she will reflect women’s lived lives. Her “dress form” anonymity will be complemented by the artists’ self-portraits.

The gallery will become closet-like with the art garments hanging from the ceiling. The clothing Evelyn wears will be changed periodically, and she will be placed in front of different portraits. As one looks across the gallery from any direction, faces and garments will visually realign. The changing face, body, and identity shaped by culture, society, economics and the hand of the artist, will reveal that there is no such thing as an “ordinary woman”. The narratives of women have just begun.

Diana Marta, Curator