About Tiffany J

Tiffany Jones was born in Springfield, MA, and relocated to Baltimore in 1996 and has been a resident with her family ever since. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012. Jones has exhibited her artwork in various galleries and museums in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, and Maryland. These include the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York, Artisphere in Virginia, Baltimore Museum of Art, James E Lewis Museum, and Sheila and Richard Riggs Galleries all in Baltimore. In 2012, Jones received a b-grant from the Baker’s Artist Awards for her photographic works which address topics of identity across multiple generations. Jones continues her photographic work while using her community as an inspiration.

Evelyn Everywoman: Ordinary Women

In Jan 2014 an artists’ installation at the Howard County Center for the Arts will explore the personae of “Ordinary Women”.

Evelyn Everywoman, a vintage manikin, isn’t famous or notorious. She is at first glance old and ordinary. However, clothed in garments fabricated from the materials and messages chosen by collaborating artists, she will reflect women’s lived lives. Her “dress form” anonymity will be complemented by the artists’ self-portraits.

The gallery will become closet-like with the art garments hanging from the ceiling. The clothing Evelyn wears will be changed periodically, and she will be placed in front of different portraits. As one looks across the gallery from any direction, faces and garments will visually realign. The changing face, body, and identity shaped by culture, society, economics and the hand of the artist, will reveal that there is no such thing as an “ordinary woman”. The narratives of women have just begun.

Diana Marta, Curator

CONGREGATE art + faith + community

“CONGREGATE” aims to help audiences investigate if there really is a disparity between contemporary artistic practices and communities of faith. “CONGREGATE” will initiate dialogue, open doorways, and create welcoming spaces, thereby contributing to a more inclusive arts district. In this project, different communities with different ideologies, relationships, and practices have an opportunity to connect and develop a better understanding of one another.

An Ardent Vestige - Mixed Media, 2013
Tiffany Jones, New Second Missionary Baptist
An expressive installation that pairs remnants of history together with photographs and sound in order to create an understanding of faith and tradition. Words of faith from New Second’s congregation hang delicately from tree branches surrounding a tree stump, which was once known as our pulpit. The voice of American poet, Maya Angelou, plays as she recites her poem, On the Pulse of Morning, a poem which reflects on the past in order to help us gain perspective of our journey ahead as a unified body of individuals, a larger community.

So what now?

The 50th anniversary for the March on Washington has come, and we have celebrated it with the first black president in office. So what now? For the past few years we have been faced with old injustices in new forms, but on a greater level affecting a generation who fails to realize what is happening around them.

So what now? Below is a video featuring Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, and an organization in Alabama called The Ordinary People Society, TOPS and what they are doing now.

CONGREGATE thanks You!

Thanks to you, the funds have been raised to support the "CONGREGATE art + faith + community" exhibition. Thank you from the participating congregations, artists in residence, professors and the M.F.A in Curatorial Practice class of 2014.

Don't forget to mark your calendars!

“CONGREGATE art + faith + community”
On View September 6–September 25, 2013

Opening Reception Friday, September 6, 2013 5pm-7pm

Sheila & Richard Riggs and Leidy Galleries
131 W. North Ave. 

Baltimore, MD 21201
Inside of Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Graduate Studio Center

Curated by MICA’s M.F.A in Curatorial Practice class of 2014

CONGREGATE art + faith + community

Check out what I have been working on and support!

"CONGREGATE art + faith + community is an exhibition that establishes artist residencies within five houses of worship in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District (SNAED). Through collaborative art making and programs, a communal experience is created where art and faith communities come together in order to develop a better understanding of one another.

How will we use the money?

Your support is integral into making this exhibition a reality. Funds will go towards the exhibition installation and a printed catalogue. The show will feature extensive documentation, and a catalog publication collecting the experiences of congregants and artists and resulting in sustainable relationships created by MICA and Station North communities of faith.

CLICK HERE to back this project today!

For more information:

CONGREGATE Facebook page
CONGREGATE Twitter @congregate13
Instagram #congregatebaltimore

CONGREGATE art + faith + community

Opening Reception Friday, September 6, 2013 5pm-7pm

On View September 6–September 25, 2013

Sheila & Richard Riggs and Leidy Galleries
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Graduate Studio Center
131 W. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21201

A People United, justice for Trayvon

Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally 03/24/2012

As closing arguments are wrapping up for the Trayvon Martin trail, prosecutor, John Guy makes a valid point to the panel.

"Your verdict is not going to bring Trayvon Martin back to life. It's not going to change the past. But it will forever define it."

Recently, in our own City of Baltimore, there have been countless senseless acts of violence against our younger generations from those who have developed a high tolerance of violence, and feed off a silent majority.  As we have seen with the case of Trayvon Martin, the number of rally's across the country, and through social media, when we stand united, we can be heard and action can take place. Let use this same momentum and not remain silent in our own neighborhoods and cities, because what we don't do now will "forever define our people".


Below is a musical tribute in Trayvon Martin's memory by local guitarist / poet Hollywood Infinite and poet / vocalist Alex Alexander

Video By Alex Alexnder

© BLACK, 2012
BLACK, 2012

2013 Prom Season

I was finally able to put together a few of my favorites from this year's prom sessions. Shout out to the class of 2014 and a big congratulations to the parents of these bright young adults!

Courtney, Western High School Junior Prom

Hayes, Milford Mill Academy Junior Prom

Tylisha, Carver Vocational Technical High School

Life changes as the seasons do

I have always loved that quote
“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”
― Woody Allen
Often in life we think that we have it all planned out, but events occur in our life and we realize we don't. At these crossroads, we face truths we are not ready to accept , but it is then we must learn to trust in ourselves. I believe once we have done this we will then know, happiness.

Happy Summer!

Carrie Mae Weems INsight Conversation with Deborah Willis

I first learned about Carrie Mae Weems in 2010/11. Her use of the female figure in her work is very intriguing and mesmerizing as it presents controversial topics of the black female in the black community and american society.

 Let's just say I love her and her work, so I was extremely excited to hear she will be a featured artist at the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, VA, but unfortunately I could not go, which now a days doesn't mean much thanks to the world wide web! So please enjoy this up close and personal talk between Carrie Mae Weems and Deborah Willis (the awesome Hank Willis Thomas' mother) as she discusses her life as an artist and her work.

LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph is a celebration of photography, created by photographers, for those who share a passion for the still image. The Festival features exhibits and on-stage appearances of our INsight artists, as well as exhibitions, outdoor projections, workshops and interviews over three days and nights. Billed as “3 days of peace, love and photography,”the Festival is designed to bring together the international photography community and create opportunities for attendees and artists to share images, ideas, and to be inspired.

Baltimore-Based Fashion Designer Carlous Palmer

This spring I had the opportunity to work with Baltimore-based fashion designer, Carlous Palmer, one of six nominees in the ready-to-wear category for the upcoming Fashion Awards MD being held June 15th at MICA's Brown Center.

In a recent article in Baltimore's Gay Life, Carlous explains his work is primarily in women’s ready to wear with his clientele consisting of, “women over 35 who are risk takers, a woman who naturally stands out and demands to be noticed."

With, the world as his palette, Carlous' designer pieces are often mistaken as haute couture by fashion laypersons. His designs are a mixture of textiles and shapes with a minimalist sensibility and unique fabrics.

To read the article, "The Intricacy of Simplicity: Local Designer Carlous Palmer Reshapes Fashion," visit Gay Life

All Carlous Palmer designs are sold exclusively through the Katwalk Boutique, 1709 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD, 410.669.0600

Fashion Awards MD 2013
Maryland Fashion Community Honors Its Finest

On June 15, 2013 at MICA’s Brown Center the second annual “Fashion Awards MD” ceremony will be held. Categories that cover virtually every facet of the industry including photography, makeup, media, wardrobe, hair, and modeling will be featured in addition to fashion shows and live performances.

The event will be hosted by Johnny Anastacio and Lianca Lyons, stars of Style Network’s reality television series Kimora: House of Fab.

A limited number of tickets for the public are available through www.FashionAwardsMD.com.

Fashion Awards MD
Saturday, June 15
The Brown Center at MICA • 1301 W. Mt. Royal Ave.
6pm Social Hour • 7pm Seating • 7:30pm show time

"Because of Them, We Can..." movement

I fell in love with this project from the day I found out about it, which was from someone in my FB circle liking the Run DMC image. From that day on I have followed the journey of Eunique Jones Photography's, BECAUSE OF THEM WE CAN Campaign. Today, I am so excited to be able to help support this campaign in reaching their goal to become what could be a important piece of art for every home. We ARE amazing and I believe this is a great way to show our youth just how amazing we really are ;0) #365

Make your pledge today - BOTWC Kickstarter
See & learn more about the movement - Because of Them, We Can...

Prom Season is here

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph one of my best friend's son for his junior prom. This moment reminded me how fast 14years can past, and how much Hayes has grown into a fine young man...

Looking up to you

Starting in his mother's basement, teaching himself how to make beats, George started on a road that would soon turn into one of his greatest accomplishments.

Always a young man persistent to master his skill, George knew he could offer more then just a beat. He eventually turned the half bath in his mom's basement into a home recording studio with only "One Mic". 

Through helping local artists, George's love for producing went to the next level. Teaming up with with  his younger cousin, Darnell Tillman, they began building what is now known as D&G Productionz.

Darnell's skill in graphic design and video gave D&G Productionz the opportunity to offer more to Baltimore's local artists. 

With the rest being HIStory, D&G Productionz is hitting the streets of Baltimore hard making music & promotional videos. 


The road may have not always been easy, but D&G Productionz has proved over and over again that amazing things can happen when you OWN your #grind. Keep it up guys!

Love... Aunt Tiff

Connect with D&G Productionz:

InstaGram: dngproductionz
FaceBook: D&G Productionz

Between a Mother and Daughter

In January I had a mother daughter session, afterwards Nicole shared how special that day was for her...

It's amazing how fast our children e.g. child grow up, as today reality hit me that my baby is no longer that wet diaper little girl. She and our road of re-establishing a mother daughter relationship has been an up hill battle and challenge, as she went to live with her dad at age 8. The hardest thing for me to do as a single mother was allow her to go live with her father, but for various reason's it was the best thing at that time. But God is good and forever true to His promises to us as His children. He brought my baby back to me and at such a pivotal moment and time in my life. I use to be sad, unhappy, unhealthy, and very critical of my own abilities of being a mother. These negative thoughts had much to do with my childhood experience.

So those tears which fell from my eyes today was a mother just realizing how God has unified me with my daughter. Thank you for being the one to capture such a moment. But you're right..."us mother's" we have a love for our babies that not even a father can understand, but I thank you for understanding it.

February Online Fundraiser & Auction

The Bruun Studios online auction features a work by artist Tiffany Jones with proceeds to benefit the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center.

For more than three decades, the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center has sought to bring creative expression and urban consciousness to Baltimore through visual and performing arts education and development opportunities for children, youth and adults in our community. 

Bruun Studios is led by Peter Bruun, an artist, educator, curator, and community activist, Bruun Studios’ philosophical approach is grounded in the belief art is a broad idea, essential to individual and cultural identity. As such, art is not marginal, but rather core to who we are.

The auction ends at 11:59pm, February 28, and to access the auction site please visit, Bruun Studios Online Auction

Spread the word about this opportunity to own a beautiful piece of art, and support a deserving non-profit organization.

Thank you for your support!


I always look at my nephews and think about how much they remind me of my Dad. They have big hearts and love hard. The oldest, George, has come into his own and I love seeing him learn what it means to be a father to his first son.

Here are a few of their first family portraits since Georgie has been born.